€399,00 EUR

Art of Communication—Growth Tier

Join us for a six month training experience where you'll learn the foundational principles of great communication and use them to 

  • Deliver an engaging presentation
  • Nail a persuasive pitch
  • Communicate a compelling elevator pitch

We'll spend two months on each format, and in the process you’ll breakthrough to a new level of confidence in your ability to raise your voice and grow your career.



  • A seat in a 6-10 woman online coaching cohort
  • 6 x 2 hour live online trainings (one per month)
  • 1x 60 min coaching session with Rebecca
  • Recordings of live sessions
  • Slack channel and asynchronous video coaching
  • Workbook


  • Communicate in a clear, concise way
  • Connect with and engage your audience
  • Organize your ideas with structure
  • Tell a great story
  • Use imagery and metaphors
  • Speak with passion and presence

Program Details: 
By joining the Art of Communication group coaching cohort, you understand you are signing up for a once a month small group coaching experience where you will receive training and support to develop your communication skills.

If you dive in and work the program fully but are not 100% satisfied with your experience at any time during the course, I will give you a full refund.

What People Are Saying:

Receiving Rebecca's video feedback on my elevator pitch for the course was so helpful. It makes me feel like "I've got this!"

Ishana D.

Diving into the exercises built up my confidence because I had to wing it. I couldn't over-conceptualize anything. My group was amazing, and I loved the content.

Teriha Y.

I loved practicing and making mistakes because doing the work together helps me be a better communicator. I want to continue this cohort forever.

Diane W.

I got a lot of value from being in the cohort. It opened my eyes to how you can have more control over what you're projecting with your nonverbal communication.

Molly H.