Virtual Presentation Skills Bootcamp

In this on-demand video course, you’ll learn how to communicate a clear message, engage an audience, and fine tune your delivery so you can use the virtual stage to be more visible as a leader. You'll also get a 50 page interactive workbook that will help you build a presentation from scratch keeping best practices in mind.

What's included:

  • 11 Training Videos
  • Assessments and Quizzes so you really learn
  • Virtual Presentation Skills Digital Workbook
  • BONUS VIDEO: How to Be Great on Video
  • BONUS VIDEO: How to Be Great on Video—Advanced Training

Master Your Message

Clarify your business story, claim how you’re different with confidence, and articulate the message behind your life’s work.

Access includes:

  • 7 Live Trainings with Rebecca Williams
  • 4 x 50 minute 1:1 Story Coaching sessions 
  • Interactive digital course workbook
  • Call recordings
  • Community and support from your intimate MYM cohort
“Rebecca's course reminded me that I am in charge. I was able to reclaim my confidence with tangible actions from head to toe.” —Wendy Y.

Free Resources


Women and the Language of Leadership: How to Promote Yourself

“I don’t feel like what I’ve done is worth sharing.” These words came from a female team member I interviewed for the Google project when I asked why she was sometimes reluctant to share wins.


Women and the Language of Leadership: Communicate Like Your Career Depends On It 

Many men are great at this and don't struggle to paint a picture of where they intend to take us. Women struggle with the language of leadership because we have been taught to fit in, not to stand out.


Grab this for Free: The Language of Leadership Desktop Writing Guide

Don’t let weak language patterns get in the way of growing your career or business. Use this writing guide to make sure you’re communicating confidence with every word that you use.


Virtual Presentation Skills: Why Timing Matters

One of the most important skills to have when running a remote presentation is the ability to get your timing right so you keep people engaged.


What to Consider if You Want to Slay Your Next Virtual Presentation

Whether you’re a C-Suite executive or a first time manager, here’s what you need to consider if you want to slay your next virtual presentation.


The Science Behind Storytelling

As a marketing professional, I understand and use the science behind storytelling to help my clients get buy-in, sell an idea, sell products, and grow their business.


Why Everyone Needs to Nail Their Elevator Pitch—Part 1

Having an original, authentic elevator pitch is rare, and it’s essential for communicating who we are and what we bring—both in the workplace and beyond.


Why Everyone Needs to Nail Their Elevator Pitch—Part 2

A through line is a connecting theme or plot in a movie, play, or book. Just like in the movies, our lives have connecting themes.


Why Everyone Needs to Nail Their Elevator Pitch—Part 3

Your personal elevator pitch is a way for you to connect the dots for yourself and for others by being authentic and vulnerable.